CEE Operations GmbH

CEE Operations

CEE Operations is an experienced team of asset managers within the CEE group of companies for all services of the commercial operations management of your wind and solar farms. The goal of the company is to take care of every step itself in the realisation of an investment project, from investment review to the commercial operation. In 2017, the CEE power farms are forecast to generate around 880,000 megawatt hours of electricity from solar and wind power.

Amongst renewable energies, wind power is one of the best-established energy sources and is based on a very sophisticated technology: wind farms with modern plants are characterised by high technical availability. The company is currently rapidly expanding the wind power share of its portfolio in the onshore area, as there are currently attractive investment opportunities in Germany and France. With this in mind, CEE Operations is investing both in existing farms and in projects that are still being planned and have a minimum capacity of 5 megawatts.

CEE Operations GmbH

“Our contacts at energy consult are not just account managers, but thanks to their technical qualification, are able to provide information in any situation. We appreciate that energy consult advises us no matter what the technical question and also informs us about changes in the wind power sector.”

Sabine Schatull

Wind Power Asset Manager Authorised Signatory for Project Companies, CEE Operations GmbH

Technical operations management for three wind farms in the interest of the operator

energy consult is currently taking over the technical operations management of the Calau, Looft and Westerengel wind farms created by PNE for CEE Operations – a total of 48.6 megawatts spread across 16 Vestas wind power plants. At energy consult, the company has a permanent contact for each wind farm who regularly communicates information and updates regarding the situation without prompting and who represents the interests of the project companies that energy consult assign.

Service mentality and cooperative relationship

CEE appreciates energy consult’s seamless, verifiable and transparent documentation and the quality of monthly reports just as it does the opportunity to be able to access the monitoring system of the wind farms at any time. The service mentality of energy consult also corresponds to the working deadline management, for which energy consult presents offers ahead of time, e.g. for recurring checks, and the flexible adjustment of services, when conditions change. Overall, there is a cooperative relationship between CEE and energy consult.