Energy Consult: realignment of the wind power market of the future

The wind power market is continuously changing – energy consult is changing with it. The management set out the requirements for the future in the last part of the interview [link], let’s take a look at tomorrow with Henning Wegner, Sales/Business Development Manager and
Malte Mehrtens, Authorised Signatory and Technical Director at energy consult GmbH.

Mr Wegner, which major challenges will form the work of energy consult in the future?

Wegner: “In future tendering procedures [Link zu] will decide on the construction of wind power plants – the first 800 megawatts will be allocated in May. All project developers with approved projects in their portfolio have applied for this contingent – the preassigned maximum price: 7 cents per kilowatt hour.”

What does this mean for energy consult?

Wegner: “As energy consult is supporting ever more wind farm projects that are delivered from the group, it is unclear today how many projects will be won for the group from the tendering procedure. For this reason, energy consult will further develop itself more in thefollowing three areas in future:

  • in future, we want to win more operators and investors that have not implemented their project with the group.
  • We will also significantly expand our area of technical tests.
  • And we will additionally get more involved in the attractive markets elsewhere in Europe.”


Energy Consult takes responsibility and unburdens operators

To what extent does the operator benefit from the experiences of energy consult in the tasks of tomorrow?

Energy Consult: realignment of the wind power market of the future


“When it comes to guaranteeing the safe operation of a wind power system, we can also carry out work such as inspections or technical tests ourselves. The complexity of tasks is increasing – we are internally building up the required expertise with regular training of our employees. We already integrate all the standards and guidelines of energy suppliers in our processes today, as they will also be binding for wind power: we are therefore already equipped for tomorrow today.”

Energy Consult: realignment of the wind power market of the future


For example, that there must be a person responsible for the system has already been a requirement since the creation of the industry standards – however, as it stands today, the acceptance of legal responsibility for plants has not been settled in every wind farm! energy consult, on the other hand, has offered the acceptance of plant responsibility to its customers for around 12 years already and it is included as standard in our current contracts.

For energy consult, it is also a matter of course to uphold legal requirements and to meet the highest of demands. There are big differences in the market in this regard. We offer extended services such as DGUV V3 tests and grid protection checks. ”

Availability of wind power plants determines feed-in tariff

Soon the availability of wind power plants will determine the feed-in tariff or reference yield. Can you explain this in greater detail?

Mehrtens: “The quality of technical operations management will soon become even more important, because there are tougher guidelines for data availability and analysis. Every five years an appraiser uses reference yields to check whether a wind farm has achieved the yields forecast. Technical availability of 98 per cent is required here. The calculation will take place individually for each plant in future.

If the technical availability of 97 per cent is not reached, the energy-related availability has to be checked; if necessary, the remuneration price is adjusted as a result. This means the rate of remuneration can fall for the next five years and, on top of everything, the result of the check can lead to repayment of already paid remuneration. For this reason, data quality and availability will be one of the most important topics in the wind power market and for us in future

The exact conditions for the calculation and checking of the reference yield being achieved every five years is currently being developed at the Federation of German Wind Power and Other Renewable Energies (FGW). We are working on the topic and will notify of any updates in the energy consult blog.”

Things remain exciting for energy consult, though management is sure they will be able to face future challenges head on. Whatever happens in wind power, energy consult will continue to inform you in the energy consult blog.