energy consult – the blog

In 25 years of professionalism in wind energy, a great deal of knowledge, experience and expertise is accumulated, which we would like to share with you. Wind energy continues to be a very new form of energy, which is only being as strictly regulated as other, older forms energy generation bit by bit: there is a lot going on in this area – and as a wind farm operator or investor, you deserve to be kept up-to-date!

Four areas, four experts,– one goal

energy consult, as the future-orientated operations manager, is run by four experienced experts. Every member of the management team is responsible for a very specific area of operations and is a proven expert. Thanks to regular exchanges between the managers, a complete overview is maintained and the complexity of many processes can be planned efficiently.

All four have a mutual goal in their sights: maximising your profits. To this end, energy consult is also involved in formative committees in the wind energy sector [link to PM BWE-Signet] and uses its entire expert knowledge in its daily work. You, as an operator and investor, regularly receive all the important data and information on your wind energy project via comprehensive documentation and via exchanges with all those involved; in this blog you will also find out important information on overarching correlations.

Stay constantly up to date – with the energy consult quarterly barometer!

There will continuously be valuable contributions to individual topics. From April, we will also be holding quarterly reviews of the previous market quarter: in the first week of the following month you can find out the latest developments on the market, completely up-to-date and exclusively: What new laws are there? Which regulations will change? Which technical updates can be expected? We will also provide you with an outlook of which changes will take place in the coming months, which will serve as additional hedging of your future decisions.

With our quarterly barometer you will always be up-to-date – directly from the industry by proven experts for wind energy! For example, in the first quarterly barometer in April you can read all about the new tendering procedure: 2,800 megawatts per year are being issued to the states for wind energy by the German federal government as of this year, rising to 2,900 megawatts per year from 2020. What does this mean? Find out: in April in the energy consult blog.