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Jobs at energy consult

energy consult has been responsible for the operational and investment security of renewable power plants as early as 1991. Today, our companies (energy consult Prüfgesellschaft and energy consult Windpark-Management) take over the professional technical and commercial management of more than 750 wind turbines. This makes us one of the leading companies in our industry and secures our customers’ investments day after day.

The future holds many exciting and new challenges in store, which we see as an opportunity to further expand our market position with innovative ideas and forward-looking solutions from our team.

As an irreplaceable part of our team, who contributes significantly to the success of our company, we offer you an open working environment and space where you can contribute with your creative ideas. We want to continue to develop trend-setting solutions for the needs of our customers and inspire them daily through responsible, reliable and proactive action together with you. To this end, we offer you a variety of opportunities and support your individual strengths and goals.

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