PRESS RELEASE: energy consult Prüfgesellschaft GmbH recognised as BWE authorised expert

Husum, 01.10.2018, energy consult Prüfgesellschaft GmbH ensures wind turbines are technically flawless and operate safely. This is being confirmed by the acceptance as a “Recognised Member” of the Advisory Council of Experts of the German Wind Energy Association (BWE) with the authorisation to carry out periodic inspections. With this, the expert advisory board recognises the high level of competence of the company in this area.

The inspection company carries out inspections independently of manufacturers or operators. Through this recognition, the Husum-based company also undertakes to comply with defined professional regulations and quality standards. “For us, being a certified BWE expert is the next logical step,” explains Malte Mehrtens, Managing Director of energy consult Prüfgesellschaft. “Our mission and our motivation is mmeeting the highest quality requirements or even defining new standards in the future.”

Periodic inspections serve to check the machine of the wind turbine, the safety and stability of the wind turbine (WTG) and is divided into sub-areas: Machine, rotor blades and the supporting structures (tower and accessible areas of the base). This is particularly important because the increased size of the turbines means that topics such as technical plant safety and stability are becoming more important.

“Because our employees have been active in the industry for many years, they have extensive technical knowledge of various types of systems,” explains Henning Wegner, Commercial Director of energy consult Prüfgesellschaft. “Recognition as a BWE expert proves this and enables us to support our customers even more comprehensively in the future and to make their turbines even safer.


About energy consult Prüfgesellschaft

Founded in 2017, energy consult Prüfgesellschaft ensures wind turbines are technically flawless and operate safely. As a subsidiary of energy consult, our customers benefit from 25 years of experience in wind turbine technology and occupational safety. The employees are familiar with the turbines, including possible faults or malfunctions.
Experts carefully carry out the checks on the machines, rotor blades and supporting structure. This reduces downtimes, safety complaints or the risk of losing insurance cover.

Press Contact:

Henning Wegner
Managing Director, energy consult Prüfgesellschaft GmbH
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