The technically flawless and safe operation of a substation is just as important for a wind farm as good wind conditions. Since we cannot supply you with the wind, we minimise the technical risk for you through our expertise in managing transformer stations. All activities in our operational management of substations are aimed at minimising faults, damage and downtimes.

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Malte Mehrtens

Managing Director, energy consult


Your substation or transfer station is monitored 24/7 by a control system, and all incoming status, fault and measured data are recorded and evaluated. Our second redundant emergency alarm system ensures that we are always informed about the most important states, even if the primary remote control system fails. Depending on the incoming information, we initiate situation-related measures to prevent, avert, limit and eliminate faults, such as carrying out switching operations of up to 110 kV on site or remotely, in order to ensure uninterrupted operation as far as possible and thus minimise yield losses. This also includes the provision of a 24-hour emergency service, which will immediately visit your plant if necessary and carry out appropriate measures on site.

490 MVA Total output


In order to ensure high availability and low repair costs in the long term, the substation must be checked and maintained at regular intervals for developing defects or defects that have already occurred. In addition to legal or official requirements, the implementation of such controls is recommended to increase the availability of the substation as a whole. In addition to the current status of relevant components, our experts also analyse whether trends in their properties provide information about developing damage – for planning preventive repairs.

Any defects found are either rectified directly by us, or we take over any arrangements, coordination and support of external companies to ensure that defects are smoothly resolved. In addition, we always keep an eye on important dates, such as the end of manufacturer warranties or inspection due date such as the DGUV-V3 test and inspections of protective equipment. We are also available as a point of contact for the upstream distribution and transport network operator as well as for other parties involved in all matters.

All malfunctions and defects that occur during operation as well as maintenance, repairs and inspections are digitally documented by us and made available to you without interruption.


As the plant operator, you are legally obliged to ensure the proper and safe operation of your substation by carrying out repair and maintenance work – for this purpose we appoint a plant manager from our specialist teams. Thus, our experienced electricians assume the necessary responsibility at all times when working on or near your systems, so that special hazards can be assessed when working on electrotechnical systems and work safety measures are observed.

Wind farm management

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Grid connection planning

Our specialised electrical engineers contribute their many years of experience to successful grid connection planning.