energy consult wind farm management – A strong partner for securing maximum returns

The market for wind energy is changing rapidly: Political and legal framework conditions, technical capabilities and investment concepts are constantly changing and, due to their complexity, require specialised industry knowledge and know-how. As investors and operators of wind farms, you can expect security for your turbines and finances as well as optimal profit prospects on this turbulent market.



energy consult guarantees exactly this through efficient, safety-oriented and networked action. By closely dovetailing the technical and commercial management of wind farms and staffing them with cooperating experts, we act as your future-oriented manager for various wind energy technologies.
Our regular reports inform you at any time transparently about the status and return of your wind farm as well as about future measures. Through constant exchange with manufacturers and the writers of technical requirements and quality standards, we already know today the possibilities and guidelines of tomorrow. In order to continue this dialogue, we will inform you personally about important upcoming changes pertaining to your wind farm. Our competence, flexibility and the commitment of energy consult in the technical and commercial management of wind turbines offer you lasting investment security.


We measure our success by your goal of achieving an optimal yield. We achieve this through the very high uptimes of wind turbines, their economical, technically flawless and conclusively documented operation as well as the management of all related components for each individual wind farm. This also includes monitoring substations and transfer stations, conducting technical tests as well as testing and planning of grid connections.
With over 777 wind turbines across Europe, we currently generate around 3,500 GWh to supply more than 1 million households with wind power and benefit from more than 25 years of experience in the wind power industry as well as from our active involvement in the German Wind Energy Association (BWE) and the German Wind Energy Funding Association (FGW). Our dedication and commitment mean you can plan and act today taking into account the policies and factors of tomorrow.


Our solid corporate structure guarantees you financial security and stability and minimises your economic risk. Thanks to our strong association with the PNE Group and our many years of market experience, we actively shape change and react flexibly to unforeseeable events. We meet your highest quality requirements and security interests through the constant exchange of clearly focused management divisions.

Hartmut Flügel

Managing Director Technical Operations Management of energy consult GmbH

Hartmut Flügel is responsible for technical operations management at energy consult. He has been involved in all technical aspects of the wind farm business in the PNE group of companies, which also includes energy consult as far back as 1998. Since 2004, he has been responsible for the operation of all wind farms managed by the PNE Group.


Technical problems occur in every industry, even in our highly complex business segment. How I deal with it is crucial: my years of experience has taught me that every problem can be solved, preferably by keeping a cool head.
Thanks to our commitment to the industry, we are usually informed about risks and possible incidents before they occur. That’s why energy consult is one of the market leaders among wind farm managers for me personally.


There is no area along the value chain of wind energy in which Hartmut Flügel has not served as a manager before. He uses his valuable experience to transform changes on the market into efficient benefits for energy consult customers. In addition to technical aspects, his detailed knowledge also includes issues in the areas of banking, insurance, auditing, taxation, limited partnership administration, shareholders’ meetings, direct marketing, among others.
He has been active in the market for renewable energies for so long that he has played a major role in shaping the industry. His wealth of experience in managing the operative business, in managing wind farms and in dealing with limited partners makes him a valuable asset to energy consult. Since 1998 he has worked for the PNE Group, which also includes energy consult, where he is responsible for eleven wind farm companies and a wood-fired cogeneration plant. Until 1998, the graduate mechanical engineer worked in steam/gas turbine construction and power plant technology.


Hartmut Flügel gained the trust of energy consult’s customers through his attention to customer wishes and his prudent approach. Even challenging tasks do not unsettle him, an attribute that lets him keep any situation under control in the event of technical problems. He is valued by the other managers for his enormous wealth of experience.


Tanja Grefe-Totz

Managing Director Commercial Operations Management/Finance of energy consult GmbH

Tanja Grefe-Totz has been responsible for the commercial operations management and finance at energy consult since January 2014. She supports all processes in terms of cost analyses and financial law. Not only does she review expenditures of energy consult, she also reviews in particular all the cost details of wind turbines that are incurred with a view to cost efficiency in the interests of the customer, always in search of potential savings. To ensure medium- and long-term liquidity planning, she takes potential risks into account and, together with her controlling team, ensures that investors and operators receive the profits they anticipated.

“As Managing Director of Commercial Operations, I am responsible for pressing a large number of buttons that contribute to optimising our customers’ returns. My work ensures higher profits, where technology, weather or legislation set their own limits to other business areas.
My daily incentive is to recognise and exploit even the smallest optimisation potential for energy consult and our customers, always with safety and compliance in mind”.


Tanja Grefe-Totz has been working for the PNE Group, which also includes energy consult, since 2009. As the managing director of several companies and through her many years of activity as an authorised signatory in the PNE Group, she is an expert in commercial business processes. She has been working in the wind industry since 1997 and has extensive experience due to several years in leading positions as well as in finance and accounting.


Tanja Grefe-Totz works diligently on all relevant topics to understand and recognise exactly where costs can be reduced. She stubbornly analyses the financial impact of new projects and takes a straightforward approach. At the same time, she trusts in the expertise of the other managers and dynamically advances new ideas.

Malte Mehrtens

Authorised Signatory/Technical Manager of energy consult GmbH

Malte Mehrtens has been technical manager and authorised signatory of energy consult since 2014. He is also a board member of the advisory committee of managing directors of BWE and a member of the FGW task force on plant responsibility. Always focusing on technical issues, he is also however, familiar with commercial requirements and influences. Technical innovations and software applications from monitoring to technical reporting are components of his overall technical management.

“It is important for our customers to know what to expect tomorrow so that they can make groundbreaking decisions for their investments and turbines. My aim is to collect and filter important market information relevant to the future in order to derive and implement decisive recommendations for action for our business processes. Through my active participation in the advisory committee of managing directors of BWE as well as in dialogue with many experts within a broad network, I continuously collect precisely this future-relevant information and thus ensure that we are always one step ahead – to the benefit of our customers.“


As technical manager, Malte Mehrtens is responsible for all operative work on the wind turbines of the wind farms that energy consult manages. He is thus responsible for commissioning, monitoring and detailed documentation of maintenance, servicing and repair work on a wide range of turbine technologies. In addition, he keeps abreast of the latest developments in the industry through internal industry exchanges, works actively with the BWE task forces “Documentation and Turbine Responsibility” and holds BWE seminars on his core topics as a speaker.
Malte Mehrtens is familiar with every market development to evolve since the beginning of the new millennium. He served as Technical Manager of the Operations Management Department of PNE WIND AG / PNE WIND Betriebsführungs GmbH from 2009 until the end of 2013. He began monitoring and operating wind turbines and played a fundamental role in developing this area as early as the end of the 1990s. His many years of activity in wind energy began in 1998 in service of a well-known manufacturer of wind turbines.


Malte Mehrtens is well respected in the management team for his good overall understanding of the value chain, projects and customer expectations. His leadership style is marked by his know-how and goal-oriented communication. His friendly manner strengthens constructive cooperation with colleagues, employees and the entire management team.