WindPlan GmbH


WindPlan has been developing renewable energies projects since 2008 and specialises in wind farms in Schleswig-Holstein: From project planning to construction execution and commissioning the wind turbines, WindPlan handles all steps of the planning and implementation process.

The company’s strength is its manufacturer-independent, transparent consultation and planning for the development of large citizens’ wind farms and wind turbine sites with special planning challenges with the goal of achieving optimum economic efficiency. WindPlan begins a project by acquiring and securing a site, and then determines the basic conditions and carries out all planning steps from the preliminary to the implementation planning. The company prepares and supports the contracting process and handles the site management, supervision and documentation.

Partner for projects of all kinds since its establishment

WindPlan has been working together with energy consult since it was founded: together, the partners diligently handle the daily tasks of electrical planning and technical operations management with a wide variety of projects ranging from citizens’ wind farms to individual operators. Its cooperative effort with energy consult has grown over the years and distinguishes itself through short coordination channels and rapid implementation. This is successful because WindPlan has an individual contact person at energy consult. energy consult assists WindPlan with wind turbines from Vestas, Senvion and Enercon in various classes between two and four megawatts.

WindPlan Witthohn + Frauen GmbH & Co. KG

  • Foundation: 2008
  • Employees: 10
  • Head office: Heide
  • Website:

“We can recommend energy consult without reservation for the fields of electrical planning and technical operations management. This recommendation is based on years of steadily increasing cooperation with short and smooth coordination channels.”

Matthias Frauen

Business and project management, WindPlan Witthohn + Frauen GmbH & Co. KG

Great dedication and proximity to its projects

WindPlan describes energy consult as a flexible and dependable partner, which minimises inefficiencies from friction within projects. This is bolstered by a trusting and personal relationship with the dedicated employees of energy consult: They meet their deadlines and work with great attentiveness, which enables consistent supervision and monitoring of the service work in technical operations management of wind turbines. These characteristics made it a great operations manager for WindPlan. Our work together to date distinguishes itself through the professional expertise of energy consult’s employees.